Originally built in 1907, this timber frame bridge was first known as Posingford Bridge, after the surrounding woodland, which is known as Posingford Wood. Today, it is known the world over as Poohsticks Bridge and where A.A. Milne and his son, Christopher, first played the game Poohsticks. Poohsticks appeared in the last ‘Pooh’ book, The House at Pooh Corner, which was published in 1928. In the book, Pooh accidentally drops a pine cone into a river from a bridge and, after noticing it appeared on the other side of the bridge, devises the rules for Poohsticks, later playing the game with his friends, Christopher Robin, Tigger and Eeyore. It is a wonderful place to visit, so come along and step into the pages of your favourite story book!

Pooh Bridge Hartfield
Poohsticks Bridge in the snow

Rules of Poohsticks

1. Find a stick, any stick lying on the ground will do.

2. Line up on the bridge with your fellow competitors facing up stream. 

3. All competitors must drop their sticks into the water at the same time. 

4. Run to the other side of the bridge and wait for the sticks to appear. 

5. Whoever’s stick appears first from under the bridge is the winner!

Christopher Milne on Poohsticks Bridge holding Poohsticks


To visit Poohsticks Bridge, we suggest parking at Pooh Car Park (the closest car park to the bridge) The car park can be found at the beginning of Chuck Hatch Lane in Chuck Hatch. From here it is roughly a 15 min walk downhill to the bridge. Please be aware Poohsticks Bridge is the second bridge you’ll come across on your walk. Also look out for Owl’s House, Piglet’s House and Pooh’s House while you are adventuring!

The walk is fairly steep in parts, but the path is smooth and there are several benches on the way if you need a rest. Suitable for children & prams.