Gills Lap, also called Galleons Lap in the ‘Pooh’ stories, is a clump of Scots Pine trees. Nobody, not even Christopher Robin, has been able to count the number of trees, there is either 63 or 64. It was also the only place on the Forest where they could sit down without worrying about prickly vegetation.

Fun Fact: The name ‘Gills’ is thought to come from a local Sussex legend of a hammer-wielding giant called Gill… 

"They walk on thinking this and that, and by-and-by they came to an enchanted place on the very top of the forest called Galleons Lap which is sixty-something trees in a circle; and Christopher Robin knew that it was enchanted because nobody had ever been able to count whether it was sixty-three or sixty-four, not even when he tied a piece of string round each tree after he had counted it" - A.A. Milne, The house at Pooh Corner, 1928.

Illustration by Paul Musso
Gills Lap Clump

Photo 1: The clump of trees know as Gills Lap. 

Photo 2: Plaque on a log which you may see on your walk to Gills Lap. 

Photo 3: Sign at Gills Lap.

Montgomery Corner
Gills Lap Sign


To visit Gills Lap, we would suggest parking at Gills Lap Car Park. Gills Lap, the clump of trees, is a short walk north of the car park 5-10 minutes depending on how fast you walk. While you are here, we would also suggest seeing The Enchanted Place, Roo’s Sandy Pit and the Heffalump trap, as they are all nearby! Not suitable for wheelchair users as the terrain is muddy and uneven.