Roo used to play in a sandy pit  which was the site of an old quarry. The Ashdown Forest’s geology is primarily sandstone based and as it is a good building material, many small quarries popped up all over the forest

"Suddenly, we wake up one morning and, what do we find? We find a Strange Animal among us. An animal of whom we have never even heard before! An animal who carries her family about with her in her pocket! Suppose I carried my family about with me in my pocket, how many pockets should I want?" - Rabbit

In Winnie-the-Pooh, Pooh, Rabbit and Piglet are surprised by the presence of Kanga and Baby Roo and so they decide to hatch a plan… to capture  Roo… When the friends meet on the forest, “Kanga and Roo were spending a quiet afternoon in a sandy part of the Forest. Baby Roo was practising very small jumps in the sand, and falling down mouse-holes and climbing out of them, and Kanga was fidgeting about and saying ‘Just one more jump, dear, and then we must go home.'” Kanga then accidentally takes Piglet back home with her in her pouch instead of little Roo and Kanga then at home, Kanga bathes Piglet  instead of Roo! 

Roo's Sandy Pit


Roo’s Sandy Pit is very near The Enchanted Place, Heffalump Trap and Gill’s Lap so we would suggest combining seeing these sights all in one trip.